28 Jul 2016 - Project's updates

BRESAER and its innovative BEMS system have been featured in the June edition of FuturENERGY, a magazine specialized on energy efficiency projects.

The publication hosts an article on our project, with a detailed overview of BRESAER, its R&D activity and expected results. José Hernández García from CARTIF describes in detail the BRESAER BEMS solution and how it will monitor and administer the other technologies from the envelope. As José points out, the main advantage of the BRESAER BEMS, besides contributing to energy saving and improving control levels “lies in the intelligence it gives to the building, transforming it from a passive system to one that is more interactive, active and dynamically adaptable to the environment”.

Are you interesting in rearing more about BRESAER and reading the full article on FuturENERGY? Click here for more detail!