Determining energy consumption and thermal energy demand
20 Apr 2016 - Demosite

One key requirement of BRESAER is to determine the final energy consumption of the building and thermal energy demand before and after the retrofitting interventions, hence the need to install the necessary monitoring equipment. The installation completion has been followed up by a system start-up phase whereby test protocols have been completed.

In November 2015 installation works started in the classrooms of the Kecioren educational centre with the fitting of sensors, followed by the installation of flow meters and other equipment in the basement. Installation was then completed with interconnection with the main cabinet.

The first phase of installations involved setting up the main cabling scheme of the building, a phase which usually involves most of the disruptive work. On that occasion cabinet-and-sensor locations were marked in place according to project drawings and detailed routes were established.

To minimize disruption, engineering works in the classrooms were carried out after the evening classes. Similarly, as installations in the basement required the building’s plumbing system to be evacuated and heating to be temporarily discontinued, all installation works in the basement were carried out during low occupancy hours in weekends.

Are you interested in seeing where the monitoring devices have been located at the BRESAER demo building? Click here and watch the devices’ location at the 3 floors.