Know your market, save more energy

03 Jul 2019News

Homeowner or landlord? To convince people to have energy-saving renovations you need to know what they are really looking for What would motivate you to renovate your house to make it more energy efficient? The cost? The legal framework? An environmental conscience? It also mostly depends on who you are, and if you actually live in your house or if you rent it. This distinction between…

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Smart buildings of glass
20 Jun 2019News

Glass in architecture has been recently used more intensively thanks to developments in its manufacturing… » Read more

BRESAER solution presented on STUNNING Website
03 Jun 2019Project’s updates

Our sister project STUNNING displayed in its website the most innovative solution for new refurbishment package, business model or case studies. Today, also BRESAER has been presented as good example of  … » Read more

Smart 3D modelling for buildings
06 May 2019News

Building information modelling (BIM) has disrupted the construction industry. The digital technology represents and processes all the characteristics of a building in its whole life-cycle, allowing architects, engineers and construction professionals to design and manage it in a more efficient way… » Read more

Tools and news from BRESAER Project – Newsletter N.3 – April 2019
13 Apr 2019News

Welcome to this April issue of the BRESAER newsletter. Stay updated with what’s up with the project and read our news about buildings refurbishment…. » Read more

Adaptability in envelope energy retrofits through addition of intelligence features
22 Feb 2019News

A large proportion of the existing building stock worldwide needs renovation and upgrading that will help comply with new energy codes and reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Improvements … » Read more