Smart 3D modelling for buildings

06 May 2019News

Building information modelling (BIM) has disrupted the construction industry. The digital technology represents and processes all the characteristics of a building in its whole life-cycle, allowing architects, engineers and construction professionals to design and manage it in a more efficient way It is one of the most famous museums in the world, with more than one million visitors every…

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Tools and news from BRESAER Project – Newsletter N.3 – April 2019
13 Apr 2019News

Welcome to this April issue of the BRESAER newsletter. Stay updated with what’s up with the project and read our news about buildings refurbishment…. » Read more

Adaptability in envelope energy retrofits through addition of intelligence features
22 Feb 2019News

A large proportion of the existing building stock worldwide needs renovation and upgrading that will help comply with new energy codes and reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Improvements … » Read more

BRESAER launches the CEN workshop
26 Nov 2018Project’s updates

Guideline to design, implement and economically assess an innovative and adaptable envelope system in building refurbishment… » Read more

A new BRESAER tool available for designers
20 Nov 2018Project’s updates

The BRESAER BIM tool can be a valuable instrument for designers in the selection and assessment of the BRESAER system into a specific target building…. » Read more

Recycled construction waste: building a more sustainable future
09 Oct 2018News

The European construction industry is working towards producing high-quality materials from recycled waste, enhancing the sector’s sustainability and reducing its environmental impact… » Read more