Buildings to save energy with mesh and management

26 Jul 2019News

Much of our building stock was designed and built before global warming, environmental protection and recycling became foremost in our minds and behaviours. It represents around 40% of energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions Revamping building envelopes, making façades and roofs more energy-efficient, is a key measure in retrofitting existing stock. Combined with a smart energy…

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Try the BRESAER Experience: the interactive video
25 Jul 2019Project’s updates

Discover and play with BRESAER’s envelope system for buildings refurbishment: explore each technology and create your own façade.… » Read more

CEN Workshop Agreement 17437
25 Jul 2019Project’s updates

On 3 July 2019 the European Committee for standardisation (CEN) published the CWA 17437 “Innovative and adaptable envelopes over existing façades in building refurbishment. Design, economic assessment, logistics and installation … » Read more

Know your market, save more energy
03 Jul 2019News

Homeowner or landlord? To convince people to have energy-saving renovations you need to know what they are really looking for… » Read more

Smart buildings of glass
20 Jun 2019News

Glass in architecture has been recently used more intensively thanks to developments in its manufacturing… » Read more

BRESAER solution presented on STUNNING Website
03 Jun 2019Project’s updates

Our sister project STUNNING displayed in its website the most innovative solution for new refurbishment package, business model or case studies. Today, also BRESAER has been presented as good example of  … » Read more