Try the BRESAER Experience: the interactive video

25 Jul 2019Project’s updates

Discover and play with BRESAER’s envelope system for buildings refurbishment: explore each technology and create your own façade.

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CEN Workshop Agreement 17437
25 Jul 2019Project’s updates

On 3 July 2019 the European Committee for standardisation (CEN) published the CWA 17437 “Innovative and adaptable envelopes over existing façades in building refurbishment. Design, economic assessment, logistics and installation … » Read more

BRESAER solution presented on STUNNING Website
03 Jun 2019Project’s updates

Our sister project STUNNING displayed in its website the most innovative solution for new refurbishment package, business model or case studies. Today, also BRESAER has been presented as good example of  … » Read more

BRESAER launches the CEN workshop
26 Nov 2018Project’s updates

Guideline to design, implement and economically assess an innovative and adaptable envelope system in building refurbishment… » Read more

A new BRESAER tool available for designers
20 Nov 2018Project’s updates

The BRESAER BIM tool can be a valuable instrument for designers in the selection and assessment of the BRESAER system into a specific target building…. » Read more

A paper about BRESAER BEMS
30 Jan 2018Project’s updates

The BRESAER consortium recently published a paper on the buildings journal, featuring the project’s Building Energy Management System (BEMS), curated by the work package 5 partners…. » Read more