Know your market, save more energy

03 Jul 2019News

Homeowner or landlord? To convince people to have energy-saving renovations you need to know what they are really looking for What would motivate you to renovate your house to make it more energy efficient? The cost? The legal framework? An environmental conscience? It also mostly depends on who you are, and if you actually live in your house or if you rent it. This distinction between…

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Retrofitting showcase on a Belgian high-school
05 Jul 2015News

A show case performed in Liege, Belgium, demonstrates how to turn a high school into an energy efficient and comfortable learning environment Energy consumption in the non-residential sector, such as … » Read more

The real case demonstration in Turkey
03 Jul 2015Demosite

The BRESAER project includes a combination of research activities, technology development, integration, testing and validation aimed at establishing an innovative envelope solution. The project team will also explore the feasibility … » Read more