Buildings to save energy with mesh and management

26 Jul 2019News

Much of our building stock was designed and built before global warming, environmental protection and recycling became foremost in our minds and behaviours. It represents around 40% of energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions Revamping building envelopes, making fa├žades and roofs more energy-efficient, is a key measure in retrofitting existing stock. Combined with a smart energy…

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19 Jul 2015Uncategorised

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post…. » Read more

In-depth analysis required prior to retrofitting old buildings
07 Jul 2015News

Passive technologies can maximise primary energy reduction and economic investment in existing buildings. Innovative technologies can be used to retrofit old buildings as a means to save energy. This is … » Read more

Assessing the performance of energy efficient buildings
06 Jul 2015News

Monitoring so-called key performance indicators enables engineers to evaluate whether a newly erect building is as energy efficient as originally planned. Making buildings more energy efficient is part of the … » Read more

Retrofitting showcase on a Belgian high-school
05 Jul 2015News

A show case performed in Liege, Belgium, demonstrates how to turn a high school into an energy efficient and comfortable learning environment Energy consumption in the non-residential sector, such as … » Read more

The real case demonstration in Turkey
03 Jul 2015Demosite

The BRESAER project includes a combination of research activities, technology development, integration, testing and validation aimed at establishing an innovative envelope solution. The project team will also explore the feasibility … » Read more