Explore the interactive tools developed by BRESAER: you will become acquainted the technologies that the project is implementing and you’ll receive an estimate of how the BRESAER system could be deployed in your specific case, both with regard to a building or climatic European zone.
Get to know what kind of data would be available to you with BRESAER and the relative saving estimate with regard to your energy consumption.


Design guide and computer tool

BRES-DES is a web-based estimation tool that provides a series of technological combinations and energy saving estimates, based on a series of conditions specified by the user. It is intended for use in the early design stages of an energy retrofit using the BRESAER system for building envelopes

Through this tool, BRESAER aims to help retrofit designers and stakeholders to advance their projects and obtain design suggestions and energy saving estimates, starting from existing data.

Download the BRES-DES user manual

BRESAER geocluster tool

BRESAER system potential by geolocation

The BRESAER geocluster tool is a web-based tool to visualize the potential of the BRESAER system on a map of Europe. The tool enables the user to get an indication of the energy saving potential and the investment cost of different BRESAER envelope configurations for all geoclusters in Europe.

Furthermore, single aspect information related to building stock, climate and costs is given by the tool to help the user to indicate the potential impact and applicability of the BRESAER concept.

Download the Geocluster tool guide


Support of envelope components installation

The BRESAER BIM tool assists designers in the selection and assessment of the BRESAER system into a specific target building. The tool consists of two parts: the CAD software with additions to support the BRESAER system, and the analysis tool launched from the CAD software and working in the background. Currently the BIM tool is available as a Revit plugin.

The tool helps the user to design a building with different BRESAER elements (3D visualisation), gives an indication of the components needed including a cost estimation and shows if there are design issues making a configuration not acceptable to build.


Monitoring system for energy assessment

The BEMS is a full monitoring and control system in charge of gathering data from the sensoring network that is deployed in the nursing pavillion of the University of Burgos. Under this Web platform, any user may interact with the available information and check the operation parameters. Additionally, several Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are available to support the energy performance assessment, as well as the comfort conditions in a single view. Finally, the BEMS also automatically manages the energy facilities of the building, whose operation may be checked and configured through this single access point.


Innovative and adaptable envelopes over existing fa├žades in building refurbishment – Design, economic assessment, logistics and installation guidelines

The CWA 17437 is intended to help designers, manufacturers, installers and users through the design process of an innovative and adaptable envelope (BRESAER system), as well as through the production, transport, storage and installation aspects for each system component, providing advice on the overall logistics for the real implementation.