The Project’s Concept

BRESAER will develop a cost-effective, adaptable and industrialized “envelope system” for buildings refurbishment. The BRESAER’s envelope (for façades and roofs) will include a combination of active and passive pre-fabricated solutions which will be integrated in a versatile lightweight structural mesh. This new technology is expected to significantly reduce the building’s primary energy consumption and the Greenhouse emissions while improving indoor environment quality through thermal, acoustic, lighting comfort and air quality at the same time.

With the BRESAER system the whole building will be governed by an innovative Building Energy Management System, which will manage all the different envelope functions, the energy facilities of the building and monitor the energy generated by the BRESAER system.

Buildings to save energy with mesh and management
26 Jul 2019News

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Try the BRESAER Experience: the interactive video
25 Jul 2019Project’s updates

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CEN Workshop Agreement 17437
25 Jul 2019Project’s updates

On 3 July 2019 the European Committee for standardisation (CEN) published the CWA 17437 “Innovative and adaptable envelopes over existing façades in building refurbishment. Design, economic assessment, logistics and installation … » Read more